Founder, Lead Designer and Managing Director

Pipsa Jaamaa originally hails from Finland but has lived in Southern Europe, in Asia and in the Middle East for the past twenty-five years. She has been practicing Interior Design for the past 14 years in Dubai, running her own Interior Design Company. The majority of her work has been for high end residential projects in the Gulf Region, but she also has had the pleasure to design for private yachts, hotels and serviced apartments too.

“My design ethos is fairly simple” she says. “It is one which is derived from and driven by each individual, unique client – from his needs, his requirements, his way of life and life scenario. No two projects are alike as we are all individuals with our specific needs and wants. My role as a designer is to translate the client’s desires into an outcome that is both aesthetic and functional.”

Pipsa’s innate design language can be described as organic, contemporary, and timeless. “In addition to producing an interior of outstanding quality for our clients, I place a very high value on longevity, on a sense of timelessness of an interior. Above all, I value the use of high-quality materials that are both natural and organic in nature, as well as unique”